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Boredom Busters - Rainbow in a Jar

Boredom Busters - Rainbow in a Jar

Crafting and Science Projects with odds and ends!

Crafty? Curious? Inquisitive about things around you? 

Join us as we craft together using common household items and art supplies found around the home. If discovering cool science is your passion, then join in as we investigate how and why things work as they do!

To participate in the "Rainbow in a Jar" program, please do join us with the following materials -

1) A Clear Glass Jar / Bottle – Wide Mouthed

2) ½ cup of light corn syrup

3) ½ cup of blue dish soap (Dawn)

4) ½ cup of water

5) ½ cup of oil

6) ½ cup of rubbing alcohol

7) Blue, Red and Green Food Coloring

8) 5 spoons for mixing

9) 5 bowls for mixing

10) Paper Towels


Though this is a simple project, Adult Supervision/Help is required for children who have not worked with sharp tools. 

Please register below and you will be sent the Zoom Meeting details

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Tuesday, September 22, 2020
3:00pm - 4:00pm
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