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Ice Age Fossils found in Fremont

Ice Age Fossils found in Fremont

Construction to expand the 680 Freeway has uncovered new fossils of the Pleistocene Age (Irvingtonian). Caltrans has paleontology monitors to make sure that all fossils are recovered during construction. This lecture will go over the early finds of mammoths, mastodons, sabertooth cats, short faced bear, and other megafauna. Exhibits at the Children's Natural History Museum in Fremont, managed by Math Science Nucleus, will highlight these fossils as well as the uncovering of 1,000 fossils under Wes Gordon's House in Hayward (Irvington Fossils). Wes Gordon and his 'boy paleontologists' excavated the Sabercat Historical Park site in the 1940s.

Program designed by Math Science Nucleus in Fremont.


Tuesday, October 15, 2019
7:00pm - 8:00pm
Fukaya Room A, Fukaya Room B
Fremont Main Library
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